Monday, November 24, 2008

A quickie here

Just read this interview with Shobhaa De. It is sad to see our so called open minded 'modern' folks support the rhetoric of the MNS. Hmm...are most 'intellectuals' this narrow minded in our country or is this a unique case? Or are they tolerant only if they are spectators from afar? This mindless violence reminds me of the 'real Americans' rhetoric put forward by McCain supporters. It seems wherever you are, xenophobia and fear mongering is the way to go.

Sigh...where are we, as a nation going?

P.S. : Of course I might be wrong. But my conscience can't accept the possibility that the alternative may be right.

P.P.S. : I hate news sites that split up stories into umpteen fragments so that I can view more ads.

Friday, November 14, 2008


The archive on the right says that i had 41 posts in '07 and a pathetic 7 posts in '08. Objectively speaking, I had better facilities to become a regular blogger this year. We got net in our hostels. My reading dramatically increased, but the sense of complacency that came with these added luxuries effectively decimated my blogging tendencies. Fun trivia, the word decimate originates from the practice of killing one in every ten by the victors of a war. It was done among the romans....i too lazy to verify.

Sigh.....lets hope I am more active next sem......

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am back!!!!!!!

Hmmm...I have finally awoken from my deep slumber. All this time my excuse for not blogging was not having access to net when I am at my most creative. Now that I have net access, I am using the extra time to complete my google reader commitments. Btw, if anyone uses Google reader, share your items with me as well. It helps broaden one's horizons. 

All these time  have been slacking off, I started a few new habits. One is watching the daily show with jon stewart and the colbert report. Incredibly funny stuff while exposing the irregularities of American politics. It is impossible for an outsider who doesn't follow American politics to even comprehend the fallacies in their leaders.

Btw this sudden surge in myself has bee inspired by keesha's incredible blog. Keep up the good work!!!

Nothing else....time to be more synergistically involved in optimizing our potential for maximum efficiency with due Dilbert's pointy haired boss would have put it! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

hmmm...nothing much

I just had a bout of exams. I don't want to elaborate.

On the flip side, I have this great story about how I took half an hour to multiply -5 and -2. I finally got the answer though and most of the class didn't. This was during my test for the subject Computer Organisation. Hmm...can't think of anything that can top that story.

No wonder I love my branch.

P.S When I say multiply....I mean multiply....;)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Censorship process in UAE

Incidently, this seems to be my 50th post(jumps up and down in ecstasy...then stops, realising how pathetic the aforementioned celebration was..).

This is how censorship works in UAE...they get an indian to choose what offends them...

No time for a well thought article about censorship is stupid and censors are idiots....gtg...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Now you(i mean i) can read the the daily dilbert comic from the blog itself, thanks to the widget on the sidebar!!!

Now there's another excuse for me to sign on to blogger.

Monday, February 4, 2008

maa k i-> maak i-> maakri -> maggi -> mangi -> monkey

Hmm...with all this furore about racism charges and misinterpreted cultural nonsense and everything, it is high time that our Boys and the Aussie boys shut their mouths up and continued playing the game. Unless of course, you can shout off and play awesomely at the same time. Unlike...

What interested me the most is the Symonds took offence when he thought he was called a monkey...but didn't mind the abuse to his mother....

hmmm...thought provoking...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nothing much...

I am bored. It is not due to the lack of work...but then who needs work when they can goof off? Anyway, I have postponed some very important academics related stuff and the awesome novel Shantaram to post this great quote I saw....

"The intelligence of the planet is constant....and the population is growing"

How true...

Also check this...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Nutty Hypotheses-Part 1

Hmm...seems everyone is going on and on about new year posts and, to break this trend...this is the last I will be mentioning it....

Now, back to the hypothesis. I got this inspiration back when I was a little kid who saw some cartoon whare the protagonist had an anthill or something as some kind of science project. The ants went about their jobs without any heed to the protagonist and the story went on.

Anyway, th point is...what if the earth was just a science project of some bratty old alien kiddo? And boy, is he pissed because we the humans are destroying our earth each passing day. What if the kid(not specifying a he/she) throws a tantrum and decides to stamp all over us? time to follow up on that one, but I think it is good enough to send to the Kansas School Board! Now if there is anyone in the whole wide world who is utterly jobless(well, u r reading this blog and i am posting on it, so we both fall in that category), please leave some comment or something about real life phenomena that can be explained by this theory.

Till then...Adios...

P.S. If I could convince His Short-Sightedness George Bush about this theory, the U.S. would surely sign the Kyoto protocol...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Great Indian Controversy

One of the problems of not watching television or skimming the newspaper is that one doesn't get to know about the controversies that plague the land. Now it seems pretty stupid to be posting stuff about things bygone.

For example, take the controversy about the two rupee coin with a square cross introduced at the beginning of this year. Not only haven't I seen on myself, I didn't hear anything about it from any of my mates. Now that I checked the wikipedia article on modern indian coins, I caught a reference to the controversy. It struck as quite funny that the references provided were....err....a bit on sided. Anyways, here is one of the references provided.

I especially enjoyed the following snippents...

....'Christianity-Coveting, Islam-embracing and Hindu-Hating in stance, posture, ideology, philosophy, programme and action.' //the policy of UPA

....Dr Manmohan Singh's Minority Appeasement Declaration (MAD)....

...Italian-led government...

Now I may not be an expert here...but this looks like a case of paranoia to me. Here is the hindu article on the coin.

Ahh...leave it...I am just glad that people didn't mistake it for an 'X' and start arguing that the coin should be free of the language of those treacherous Americans.